Wrangu is a software specialist in Governance, Risk, Compliance, Privacy and Security Operations. They build software products and solutions based on the structured platform and compliance engine of ServiceNow. Tens of well-known brands, including many of the Fortune 500 companies, are serviced by Wrangu. The Dutch-Anglo company, which was founded in 2016, is headquartered in Amsterdam and has a subsidiary in London (UK).

To help companies with their privacy policy Wrangu offers the GDPR Accelerator, which facilitates companies to undertake data protection impact screening/assessments (DPIA), document their personal data processing activities (ROPA),  and categorise and map personal data to the companies’ assets and business processes in a structured manor. In addition, the GDPR Accelerator provides a portal and relevant processes to allow a Data Subject to exercise their rights, and should the worst happen, it contains a data breach module for logging and tracking Personal data breaches. While manual solutions are static and hard to keep up to date and stand-alone solutions can only have limited interaction with all of a companies’ systems, the Wrangu GDPR Accelerator sits on your platform and directly interacts with your data, driving the workflows required to ensure your data privacy approach becomes dynamic. In short the Wrangu GDPR Accelerator allows companies to leverage all of the other investments they have made in security, asset management, vendor management and of course IT management generally, whilst ensuring their data privacy requirements become dynamic.

VCC is shareholder in Wrangu and is active in the Board to assist Wrangu with her international growth ambition.