Unchain.io offers DLT (distributed Ledger Technology) for integration of existing IT systems with new Blockchain applications. Mainly fast growing consortia and eco systems like IBM, Food Trust and R3 Corda can use the Unchain Blockchain Gateway to connect new participants seamlessly.

In a world that is digitalising at high speed, an efficient, fast and trustful exchange of information between organisations becomes increasingly relevant. The complex networks, in which these organisations collaborate, require a close integration of business processes and corresponding information flows and for which reliability, security and transparency is becoming increasingly important.

Unchain.io offers an integration platform that enables organisations to integrate their existing applications and devices with blockchain/DLT networks in a easy, cost effective and secure manner without the need to change these applications and therefore being less dependent of scarce blockchain/DLT experts. The Unchain platform is blockchain/DLT technology agnostic and one single version of the platform is able to integrate multiple applications of an organisation with multiple blokchain/DLT networks that can be based on different blockchain/DLT technologies. By lowering the barrier for organisations to join blockchain/DLT networks, the Unchain platform accelerates the adoption and success of these networks.

VCC is shareholder in Unchain and is active in the Board to assist Unchain with her international growth ambition.