SmartLockr is an user-friendly and intelligent solution for safe communication. Both files and messages that are sent with SmartLockr, will stay secured from beginning till the end. By doing so, the cyber security company offers a long-term solution for organizations that proces a lot of privacy sensitive data. The application of technique in a smart way makes it possible to create a complete platform: the Intelligent Data Protection Platform. Using Machine Learning and well-developed functionalities such as end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, enables safe communication for organizations.

The platform focuses on the biggest cause of data breaches: sending privacy-sensitive information to the wrong recipient. To tackle this problem, SmartLockr increases awareness among the email users, has developed an intelligent system that recognizes sensitive information and makes it possible to pull back sent messages and files. Without disturbing the working process. Moreover, SmartLockr enables integrations with different applications. This means working securely and efficiently.

Therefore, SmartLockr works as a smart and safe lockr. The platform makes it possible to share, email and communicate in a secure way.

VCC is shareholder in SmartLockr and is active in the Board to assist SmartLockr with her international growth ambition.