Scalys International B.V. is a hightech company that develops, manufactures and sells high performance electronics modules (System On Module). The modules focus on the growing demand for innovative solutions for Internet of Things, Autonomous Driving, High Performance Computing, Big Data and Security Applications. In order to meet the demand for highly complex functionality, more and more System On Modules are being used in new products. As a result, product development costs, lead time and time-to-market can be reduced by more than 50 to 75%.

Scalys follows, among other things, NXP strategy: “The choice for chips for the automotive industry and security is spot-on. Cars are moving computers, packed with chips, exactly the kind of NXP chips. For Apple, NXP makes the chips for payments with mobile phones. The rise of the “internet of things”, offers enormous potential.”

Scalys was founded in 2016 by Sintecs to provide advanced high-performance embedded systems and is based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. and