Workspace 365

Since 2010, Workspace 365 boosts people by simplifying work with an adaptive workspace. Workspace 365 adapts to people’s role, location, device and browser and offers them a personalised experience. Having everything, everywhere is messy – that’s why they offer relevant applications, communication, documents and information at the right moment. Integrate what’s already available and allow both IT and communication to leverage this adaptive workspace as a starting point or to extend their current workspace with all relevant content and apps. Take away the clutter and bring what’s important to the individual with Workspace 365.

It breaks people free from IT restrictions, saving hours dealing with burdensome processes. This empowers people to have a happier, more productive work-life. As this applies to organisations around the globe, they work together with the partners these organisations already trust: their Managed Service Provider (MSP). Workspace 365 wants to improve their partner’s workspace proposition, supporting them extensively in all fields. They build fully collaborative relationships in which they help partners to get more value out of their current and future products and services by offering them in a white label workspace.

VCC believes in the huge international growth opportunity in this Workspace Aggregator market, that, according to Gartner, “will change the Client Computing landscape”. Besides funding, VCC has an active board role in supporting Workspace 365 achieving her ambitions.