New Day at Work

New Day at Work is expanding rapidly with their Workspace 365 software proposition in the market of the online workplace of the future. Several large (international) IT companies are about to roll out the Workspace 365 proposition to their resellers and Workspace 365 is the online workspace on top of Office 365. This way more structure and higher productivity is offered to the user. Workspace 365 is connecting mail, documents and business processes in an easy and transparent way.

The interface of Workspace 365 prevents opening several different programs to start working. For example: you only have to login once to access the calendar, mail, orders, customer data, time sheets and documents. The future of the (electronic) workspace is online. Because all data is in the cloud, Workspace 365 makes the workspace easily accessible by desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Also offline, all document are  accessible when needed. Therefore, corporate information can easily be shared or updated using Workspace.

VCC believes in the huge international growth opportunity in this Workspace Aggregator market, that, according to Gartner, “will change the Client Computing landscape”. Besides funding, VCC has an active board role in supporting New Day at Work achieving her ambitions.