MMOX has extensive experience with Cyber Threat Management for corporates. With their new development product (an innovative Cyber Protection Technology Platform), they can now offer this protection also to SMEs. This solution includes a dynamic Active Threat Blocker, also including firewalling, IDS/IPC, VPN as well as dashboard and reporting tools. Distribution and fulfillment is done together with strategic partners, like insurance companies and co-ops.

Advanced cyber threats evolve quicker than most organizations can deal with. The lack of visibility into the adversary’s intentions, opportunities and methods makes it hard to prioritize the right measures. MMOX is specialized in Cyber Threat Management and targets this situation with a different approach: their goal is to reduce Cyber Risk effectively for clients by providing clear and fact-based insights into threats. They coach clients towards a threat centric approach and to operate so accordingly. With a new methodology and automated technology, they help to identify relevant threats and to mitigate these in an early stage. It relieves resources, de-complicates tactical operations and supports strategic decision making based on reassessed Cyber Risk without white spots.

VCC is shareholder in MMOX and is active in the Board to assist MMOX with her growth ambition.