InProcess-LSP is an entrepreneurial company providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions and expertise to support companies in various industries including pharma, food and chemistry in developing and controlling their products and manufacturing processes. PAT is essential for the production of high-quality products and well-controlled manufacturing processes.

In March 2019, InProcess-LSP has introduced the NanoFlowSizer, the first ever instrument providing the size of nanoparticles by measuring directly in a manufacturing process without the need for laborious and costly product sampling and laboratory testing. The NanoFlowSizer, provides direct feedback on the quality of the process and the nanoproduct being processed allowing process control, thereby reducing the risk of rejection of expensive (pharma) products and de-stressing the supply chain.
In R&D, the NanoFlowSizer contributes to the development of well-understood and robust processes for nanoparticle-based products.  In industries such as pharma, companies demand complete control over production processes, as they provide high-quality products that need to comply with stringent regulations. It starts with R&D.

VCC is shareholder in InProcess-LSP and is active in the Board to assist InProcess-LSP with her international growth ambition.