Delmic is a passionate high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands that develops powerful and user-friendly solutions for light and electron microscopy.

It all started with Delmic’s correlative light and electron microscopy system SECOM, which was created together with Charged Particle Optics group of Delft University of Technology. Right after that their cathodoluminescence detector SPARC Spectral was designed together with NWO-Institute AMOLF.

Moved by their desire to make microscopy workflows simpler more accessible for scientists, they brought more cathodoluminescence systems (SPARC Compact, JOLT) and integrated fluorescence and scanning electron microscopes (DELPHI) in the labs all over the world. By 2020 they further expanded our product line to include an ultra-fast multibeam FAST-EM system, as well as solutions that aim to optimize the complex workflows involved in cryo-ET (METEOR, CERES).