The fight against data leaks accelerates through new investment in SmartLockr

Amsterdam, 10th of May 2021

Every year, millions of emails are sent with privacy-sensitive data. The annual data breach figures from the Dutch Data Protection Authority show that this does not always happen safely. Every year again, human error remains the biggest cause of data leaks, as sensitive data is sent to the wrong person.  SmartLockr, based in Amsterdam, has therefore developed an innovative Intelligent Data Protection Platform with one mission in mind: to fight data leaks. With this platform, users can exchange data more easily, more consciously, and more securely. Always with the convenience of the user, regardless of technical background. This saves a lot of workload and complicated work processes in sectors where this is an important issue, such as healthcare. For further growth, the company received a capital injection from NextGen Ventures 2 and Security of Things Fund from Value Creation Capital.

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