A good company is bought, not sold

According to entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author Michiel Mulder an entrepreneur in 2020 will have, on average sold his company within 10 years.

Even though that is 15 years in the future, Muller says that we are trading in our companies quicker and as an entrepreneur you need to be prepared for this. This was the theme during the National Take-over Day I attended  last year. I always say “Build your company as if you’re going to sell it’. But this needs a bit of a nuance. You don’t have to actively approach the market with a ‘For Sale’ sign on your company, but do make sure that your company is transparent and simply built. Not only is this easier for you, but your operation will become more efficient. It improves your profitability and growth potential.

Entrepeneur and technology investor  Aldebert Wiersinga said it well, “Good companies are not sold but bought.”


Keeping your company transparent and simple has many advantages if you want to grow quickly. That was apparent to the Government grant specialists. They have dozens of grants, subsidies and guarantees for all phases of a growing company available. Are these big money deals with the government difficult? No, not at all. The team can put it together for you within 3 weeks, and yet an average request can take up to 9 months. Why? The delay is caused by internal difficulties at the entrepreneur. The civil servant who has to wait for a businessman? That is an alternative universe.


If you are planning to sell your company soon is of course the question. My final advice is to enjoy the possibilities of an entrepreneur each day and don’t think about the sale. But build your company as if you’re selling it, you’ll get much more enjoyment from the process.



As an entrepreneur, Sebastiaan has founded over twenty companies in fifteen years. He has been named one of Europe’s hundred fastest-growing entrepreneurs and was featured on the Dutch Young Rich list.
In 2008 Sebastiaan founded a boutique venture capital company. Since 2012, he has focused on envisioning and realizing pop-up projects with significant social impact.
Sebastiaan holds an Entrepreneur in Residence position at Nyenrode UniversityAlliander and DJ School Amsterdam. He lives and works in Amsterdam, Dubai and San Francisco, and speaks globally about entrepreneurship and health. Sebastiaan is by far the most experienced and most in-demand mentor and keynote speaker in the field of entrepreneurship and health.
Over the last four years he studied at University of Navarra and Stanford University. In addition, he’s a SCAE Certified Roast Master, DJ and FIA Club licensed race driver.



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