Our offering is beyond funding

Just as the supply of only gasoline is not sufficient to reach your destination

VCC supports and guides IT and high-tech companies to a next level, based on a methodology it developed itself. Using its own experiences combined with the experience with companies with which VCC is and/or has been involved. Funding is usually required, although not in certain cases – and even then we are able to add value. To gain further insight into our approach, see also our blogs.


  • If funding is required VCC can provide this, itself or as a co-investor
  • Supplementary bank financing if necessary or desirable

Development & Operations

  • Setting up production management position
  • Improving the effectiveness of development (software or otherwise)
  • Setting up service management
  • Support with near and off-shoring

Commercial Development

Making both your own sales as well as those through partners more effective; attracting, retaining and developing new clients and client groups, and adjusting price policy so as to achieve more value-based pricing.

Finance & Planning

  • Making a blueprint for the next 1000 days
  • Reporting & dash-boarding
  • Setting up the financial process better
  • Exit planning

Management & Governance

  • Recruitment for reinforcing the management team or key staff
  • Setting up an Advisory Board
  • Improving assessment cycle and coaching