A passion for growth

Value Creation Capital funds, supports and guides technology companies to the next level.

We only invest in IT and high-tech companies that want to and are able to grow, with a focus on software (SaaS) and managed services geared toward the business market. The company must have Dutch roots, and already have paying clients. We do not invest in start-ups. We want to create value within the target group by supporting predictable growth with a lower risk profile.


VCC is a group of investing entrepreneurs, and not a team of investment managers. We invest with our own money, giving rise to a different kind of commitment.


Running a business isn’t creating spreadsheets. For us, financial figures are not the starting point but a result of satisfied customers, excellent processes, scalable technology and outstanding employees.

Relevant market knowledge and network

We invest in markets we understand in detail. We have a proven track record as well as a solid network in the B2B software market and managed services.

Hands-on support

Many investors promise their support. We also provide this, and support our participations hand-on with practical and strategic issues. VCC has its own methodology for successful value creation.

Exit planning

Our goal is the eventual sale of the share interest to a strategic buyer, whereby the company develops to a next level. VCC has an extensive track-record of successful exits.