It's all about achieving success

We generally speak to the managing board and/or the shareholders of medium-sized and larger firms. They hear about us, or we are recommended to them through our extensive network; they have read about VC&C or have a connection with one of the businesses in which we already play or have played a role. We help business to grow rapidly or to get healthy or healthier (again).

In most cases a blue print for growth is jointly made in which value parameters, concrete measurements and their contributions are defined. Our focus on value creation in rapidly growing, innovative ICT companies leads to (predictable) professional growth and optimal exit (value realization). This is realized through:
  • implementing the blue print, business alignment of ambition, strategy and operation and installing governance;
  • optimizing financing;
  • strengthen the managementteam (if necessary);
  • supporting marketing, sales and operational excellence and
  • efficient access to relevant market players and business partners.
In this way, the risks for shareholder(s)/ investor(s) are reduced and the return is optimized, resulting also in personal success for the businessmen and women concerned.

In portfolio you will find a number of examples of businesses and people who are (have become) successful together with VC&C.